Thrive Parkridge


Parkridge is a neighborhood in East Knoxville nestled between Cherry Street and Magnolia Avenue. The neighborhood has a very diverse racial and socioeconomic makeup, as it is rapidly gentrifying due to its prime location near downtown. East Knoxville as a whole, remains primarily comprised of African American and White residents. There is a strong sense of pride, care, and belonging among families in the area. 
A partnership opportunity opened up with Fifth Ave Baptist, a longstanding church in the East Knoxville community. They graciously allowed Thrive to use a portion of their building space, and shortly thereafter, the Parkridge campus opened its doors in January of 2018.


I have been partnering with Thrive Parkridge since 2019. Before March, 2020, my family and I would attend their special events and the place just stole my heart. 

Thrive Parkridge is a very structured after-school program for approximately 30 children. They have high expectations and standards for the kids, and there's also a lot of laughs, love, and room for flexibility. A typical afternoon consists of homework help, a bible lesson, games, and dinner. They have events throughout the year to celebrate the kids and their families. Please contact me if you want to learn more about Thrive Parkridge!

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